Bike wheel episode, magically odd

So … Sept 12th rushing to a meeting with Peggy (a Keelung neighbor I’ve known for 14 years, since she was 7 years old) out my door I found my 23-year old bicycle had had its back wheel stolen … with all the gears. Front wheel had been quick-released, too, but was locked to the frame, which they generously left. Three days ago I got my bike back, functioning. I have an amazingly resourceful, practical bike repairman (Alan, on Roosevelt Rd just south of Keelung Road, on the right, before the entrance to Shi Da). But what happened between me bringing the bike in and getting the bike back is quite striking.

– he thought he had an extra wheel from when he last ordered a replacement for a stolen wheel of mine (expensive and quite unique)

– nope, so he ordered

– then he had a mountain biking accident and a concussion and his shop was closed for a day

– then his work was backed up from the closed shop and his not feeling well

– then he determined to fix my bike on Tuesday (his wife tells me this) cause it was really a long time and the right parts didn’t arrive … but he knows its hard for me without a bike … and on Tuesday we got a typhoon and his shop was swamped with people and work.

– 1 customer brought back a bike he’d bought a month before, upgrading it and with it an extra wheel. He said he didn’t want pay for the wheel, but that Alan should give it to someone who needs such a wheel.

– you guessed it. That wheel was the perfect wheel for my bike.

– Wednesday I was ready to leave the area, and thought I’d call to check. Alan answered and said he was doing my bike right that moment and I could come in 2 hours.

– I came. Nice social atmosphere (as usual for them with lots of interesting people in the shop). I offered a short craniosacral session help the head settle. Lovely little exchange for all their attention and care.

~ The End ~
Actually, it’s never the end. But my attention has now shifted to other things. That was a very long week without the bike.

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