“like listening to her thoughts – cool!”

OK, gotta share (you may notice I’m NOT out on my bike as promised).

Just read the latest entry of my classmate Meggie’s blog, a wellness coach who lives fully by her truth. I noticed her blogroll of my blog here and she says:

“Jane’s Blog — like listening to her thoughts … cool!”

Why am I totally charmed and hyped reading this? Why am I keen to share how nice this made me feel? I feel deeply seen, and deeply touched. I have nothing I want to tell anyone else to DO or to BE, but I like writing. I guess after all I’ve done and how long I’ve told others what to do — and thought complicated intelligent thoughts — what I’m now willing to do is share what I’m thinking (and doing) and then I show up in places that’s valued and I feel like I love what I’m doing.

Yesterday I spoke to my coach about what I did last week and who I spend time helping and we noticed I didn’t get paid for most of my “work” and so she asks … is that a problem or an issue? Nope. It seems enough money comes in for me to continue doing it this way, and I LOVE what doing. When this way doesn’t work, I’ll do something else, I guess.

So what’s the “take home lesson” here? Maybe it’s authenticity vs conditioning OR nothing to prove and noone to compete with. Which (somehow) links back with Meggie. Thanks!

And check out the book “The Life We Are Given.” It’s superb.

Anyone out there want to be part of an ITP group? I’d love to lead one. Contact me!

1 Response to ““like listening to her thoughts – cool!””

  1. 1 coachmeggie September 30, 2007 at 9:47 am

    Thanks Jane! You are deeply seen and heard. I love reading your blog! Even though we only worked together for a short time, I learned so much from our relationship and it truly helped me be a better person and a better coach! I loved the book…I have bought two copies of it and sent it to friends as gifts. I was especially intrigued by some of their reflections about evolution/involution. I have not been doing the Kata, but I look forward to a time in my life when I can incorporate that into my daily practice. Take good care Jane!
    With respect and appreciation,

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