Making Things Happen vs Selecting From What Comes

It seems there’s nothing in particular to write about. You know, nothing much going on. Just same-ol same-ol.

Then I realize that that’s the news. In fact there is a huge amount happening, but quite effortlessly. I seem over the past months to have made a very quiet subtle shift from initiating to verbilizing attractive possibilities and then responding to what comes, simply noticing when it comes if it’s attractive … or more precisely what PART of that which has come to me is attractive to me. And that’s the part I respond to. I sortof have a schedule I keep. It’s not about doing tasks, but rather it’s about places I will be. There’s the morning at the computer, the ‘out on bike errands’ time, and the wandering (meandering) around time where I do whatever tickles my fancy. There’s also relaxed meal with husband time, which also happens when it feels nice. Recently it’s been about once a day. That’s nice.

It’s now 10am and today I’ve been on a coaching teleclass, spoken to my mom (always a highlight – she’s started a new quilt), I’ve coached, I’ve emailed coaching colleagues, received editing work and emailed back to them, gotten my husband’s help with a niggling errand, done internet research, been sparked by the idea of YouTube videos on my work, and contacted a new graphic designer about the OpenSpacePlace logo. In between I took a shower, exercised and had breakfast.

That’s only a part, and here it is, just 10am.

What I notice is that it’s unlikely I could ever have planned out this particular wash of activity. It might have tired me thinking of them all, but here they are all done and my feeling is light, energized and ready to go to the printing shop to print out the editing task (errands-on-bike phase begins!).

Take-home from this self-coaching episode:  it takes a lot of energy to write things down and try to make myself do them. Typically I’ve used my energy by writing a “to-do” and don’t do them (I’m very in-the-moment) then I feel bad (taking more energy). How much nicer it is just telling people how I work and asking them to contact me when the next step is needed. Yippee. Now 10:15 and off I go to the printer.


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