Women’s Wellness Weekend #1

As part of a tradition from the Nairobi bombing of the American embassy, Oct. 7, 1998, this weekend was the first WWW in Taiwan. Back then it was about choosing wellness. It is now, too.

The weekend was held in Camp Taiwan (Chinese/English site) Just discovering this place and these people would have been satisfying, add to that about 30 others who came, enjoyed, danced, screamed (outdoor adventure courses) skinny-dipped under mountain waterfalls, created huge acrylic chakra art as a team and shared their lives. Housing was tents clustered by a babbling stream with incredible clean and well-thoughout facilities right there… including choice of indoor or outdoor showers (reliable, immediate hot water, even). I’m blown away and interested in connecting with Tom and Nara McDonald (Mr and Mrs Camp Taiwan) in whatever ways I could offer a hand.

I lead the closing circle and kinda always was on the lookout for whatever else I could do. There was a craniosacral demo Saturday before dinner.

Nothing like morning taiji with Ivy, too. She really gets in there to each vertebrae, and massages individual organs. This is my kind of taiji!


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