What’s Goin’ On – Oct 25’07

Pretty quiet month … as it should be, being as how most of the month was my retreat and I’m bringing a lot of retreat spirit into what I’m doing now. But still, after 2 people specially ask me just to write a bit about what’s up, I guess it’s time for an update. So, in brainstorm fashion, here’s a list of what this month has been about.

intentional quiet. bike rides by the river. daily journalling. sitting on the 8th floor ledge of my balcony (flower bed makes good foot rest) watching the top-side work on MRT. Joined closing conversation with my neighbor and landlady (her place leaks and she’s moving to another floor). exploring bike routes here to DanShui. spending time near natural-ish bodies of water. reading Hugh’s book Heart of Listening from cover to cover (now is Stephen Gilligan’s The Courage to Love). couple editing, coaching and body work clients. about 400 km on the bike. my long-term client disappearing to deal with the thousand demands as he finishes PhD, supporting another client pre-PhD comprehensives, finding a new FAVORITE view of Taipei, paid shopper twice, learning more about roads in XiMenDing, back objects to how I’m using it. LOTS of fresh fruit, fresh vegetables next.

Little time in NTU office … it’s function seems out-dated now.

topics I’ve been reading: computer programming (if I took on a 2-day project… like following a Wikibooks sample, what would it be), is there a handheld device I could track/report my personal projects on through daily practices … like my daybook? Drupal, video editing, Human Design, Byron Katie, camcorders, video contest on the spirit of Taiwan, Paul’s bug video conveying the concept “kinetic”, Paul’s writing a full outline draft of vers. 5.0 of the musical.

Nuff for now.  On with the day. 8:30 am. It’s another glorious day … maybe 6th in the last 8 days. Blue sky. Just right for biking … cool enough. Sunny. Yum!

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