Countdown to Ordering the Coaching Program Paperwork

Here’s the paperwork status for the ICA – International Coach Academy. It pleases me to have the next week open to dedicate to closing the


– Supervised Coaching Assessment
– Oral Exam

TO DO, in order of my intention to hand it in

– Peer Assessments — summary [20] find all the parts [21] from clients ask missing parts [24]
– Power Tool — summary [20] write full draft [24]
– Self-Assessment — summary [20] hand in [21]
– Class Record — format [20] 20 min a day until it’s done
– Research Paper — summary [20] 20 min a day until it’s done
– Written Exam — summary [20] full draft [11-21] and re-look and send [11-25]
– Coaching Model — summary [20] write [22] show people for feedback. send in [11-25]

This is how an in-the-moment person thinks. Now I can send these to my assistant Sandy to remind me … and go for a well-deserved lunch and gym stretch break!

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