Motivation – I’m either plugged in or not

Yes, it’s been a while.

Since I last posted I guess I’ve discovered Twitter (I’m ORID), I’ve worked on my “Five Finds Taiwan” appreciative conversation for Taiwan, re-connected with the empowerment coach and will be her radio guest this Thursday, set up Sandy my personal assistant [highly highly recommended … she’s got vital pieces of my 10-year search for a programmable digital assistant who reminds me of things the way I like to be reminded], and re-instigated my wiki-based personal notes on SeedWiki. I’m arranging for Karla Kadlec’s BodyTalk Access visit here in 2 weeks for 2 weeks and I’ve just used the Taiwan highspeed railway 2 weekends in a row, thrilled with how cheap fast and comfortable it is. It’s been open almost a year. Sometimes it just takes the time it takes.

My own coach community is close nearby – Neesha Wolf (Nepal gig last year), DebKolb the Empowerment Coach, Janet Whitehead of Musings and Mud, Wendy of Evolve Coaching, Paulina Chu of InnoVision.
My extended facilitation and counseling community is easily accessed: Lynn Cornberg, Jim Steed (and his editing stuff) Dick and Gail West of ICA, Institute of Cultural Affairs, International.

Taiwan Facilitators Forum and the Taipei-Taiwan chapter of the International Coach Federation are spectacular resources.

And some spectacular people that it just *seems* we have work to do together that we’ll figure out soon: Jimbo and Anita Clark, Tom McDonald of Camp Taiwan, Leon vanderPol, John Jiang (architect), Amy Qiu (self-development industry Taiwan), Aven Kuei of (see this interview). Meanwhile there’s been a huge amount of adventuring in the spirit with my favorite odd-bedfellow … Norman Szabo of Dignity Films.  He’s working on an adaptation of the movie Moonstruck for a college musical and writing 4 songs for that production while he writes/sings/films/produces whatever else is of interest for him.

I’ve spent interesting time digging around in an energy modality called Human Design (high benefit in the insights generated, and recommend relaxing into their vocabulary). What do they tell me that surprises me? I’m a storyteller. Really. And I need to be invited to tell my story otherwise I won’t (how’d they know that?). I can almost read other people’s minds and their emotions and body sensations (hey, I thought I’d developed that skill from all my healing study/practice). And I’m a keen observer of … everything. Whatever I do, I’m “in the laboratory” every day. What more do I need?

If you’re read much of this blog you know I talk to myself a lot, simply welcoming in anyone who enjoys being along for the ride. I guess there’s nothing I am compelled to tell another person about how the world works, but I’m happy to share how I work with those who find the story interesting.

As for the title of this posting. Yea … a few hours have passed since I started and I’ve not gotten around to the point.

Here’s my secret: I’m not so good with records. Actually I’m abysmal. And for the coaching program I’ve been doing for 2 years I lost my class record, which is required for graduation. That’s DE-motivating for me. It’s hard to admit that I did this. I’m inclined to just keep quiet and re-take a bunch of stuff and that’s DE-motivating for me.

Well, the nice cICA people wrote an email to check if I’ll be graduating and do I have anything I’d like to discuss. YEP! here’s my situation. Anything we can do? The answer was for me to give something like that best, most honest assessment of all my records and then we figure it from there. (my interpretation of their words) and if I can do it within 10 days there’s a chance I can graduate in 2 weeks. YIKES! WOW. VERY VERY MOTIVATING.

I work like … an electrical conduit. It’s either flowing full-on, or not at all. This one is full on.

Stay tuned to see what happens next. As I use this blog to digest I’ll tell more of the last 2 months’ stories, while I move into this 10-day challenge.

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