4th Signature Line change this morning

My email signature line keeps changing. Something’s cookin’.

started with

+886 (0) 932 259 844
Skype/Gizmo: HawaiiBreeze

Jane E Lewis, PhD

Group & individual renewal process.
Healing. The renewal of a meaningful and productive life for the planet, the nation, organization and each one of us.
Let’s start with us! Write (JaneELewis@gmail.com) or better yet, call (+886 9 32 259 844).

Then, 2nd change


+886 (0) 932 259 844
Skype/Gizmo/Wordpress: HawaiiBreeze

Jane E Lewis, PhD Playful medicine woman

The art of renewal.


+886 (0) 932 259 844
HawaiiBreeze ~ Skype/Gizmo/Wordpress

Jane E Lewis, PhD

Open Space Place for Renewal Arts
Dreamwork. Storytelling. Coaching. Bodywork. Facilitation. Group Art.

I’m looking forward to the dust settling, to see what’s left.


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