Spirit’s way is art, muddling through, answering the call – I bring eventfulness!

All children are artists.

The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.

Pablo Picasso

Writing my coaching model has got my attention. Most models leave me feeling bound, gagged and dead. Brain-heavy. Telling and doing. External things, or DOing things. Not me.

I thrive in BEing. Being human. This is a spectacularly rich journey that opens from moment to moment. Coaching is plugging into what is real, it’s about seeing/feeling/hearing life force. NOW. When the journey is freed up I don’t know what it will be, but I know that that’s exactly where I’ll meet you.

The flavor of my coaching … discerning where there’s something just out of sight for you, and getting curious there, so you can explore and discover it, as you do all the other things you’re gonna do, anyway. Working with me, you make room for the journey, not just the destination. The journey is where life unfolds. Was it John Lennon who said life is what happens while you are making other plans?

And so, my model (why such a cold and important word?)

Like I was saying … what I offer is organic, real and very personal. AND as a group facilitator I have access to all manner of participative processes that you can use to participate fully in your own life. These come up as needed, quite naturally. These are spirit tools. They are about muddling through… which is the quickest, most personal, most AWAKE way to live life that I know. At first, mind doesn’t like it too much, and that’s perfect, too. We get into some pretty uncomfortable places when mind is allowed to run the show alone. Most people I work with come to be in a very clear and comfortable place in the course of the journey, and mind has plenty of ah-ha’s and comes to be quite mellow in the process. There’s a lot more to life than our scripts we clutch tightly.

Some elements I work with

– safety, respect, presence, speaking from the heart what wants to be spoken
– inviting silence, welcoming it
– levels of honesty
– bring all the players on-board. Mind, body (lots of different voices here, by the way), environment, relationships, community
– tap into knowing from the past that you are looking for here and now
– speaking from the different intelligences we hold … survival, primal, tribe, creative, sexual, productivity, heart, emotions, expressive/communicative, insight, thought, spiritual connections … and more
– speaking from the different parts of the brain … cognitive thinks its everything, but the mammalian self is quite distinct and clear, as is the reptilian brain aspect
I commune with my clients. I wisdom circle. I am in fellowship. I listen to what’s really going on for them and help them be fully present with what’s true for them

FEEDBACK the last few days.

When I talk with Jane I feel as though she is not only at the end of the telephone, but that she is in the room with me – and even – to some extent, inside my head. There’s a sense of empathy that is beyond simply understanding …. She is able to pick up nuances in thought – almost reading body language over the phone! Whenever I talk with Jane I’m surprised and energized by the discoveries we make together. She is a truly exceptional coach!

and this

My experience of ‘The Uniqueness of Jane’

* Your commitment to being Truly, Deeply Present to yourself

* Your commitment to being Truly, Deeply Present to others

* Your commitment to Being in silence with What Is

* Your commitment to Being ‘In the Flow’

* Your ability to hear (with more than your ears)

* Your commitment to being soulful and living from your heart.

* Holding a sacred space for yourself & others

Jane, I am honored to know and work with you. I see you bring your Clarity & Presence to all you do, including your coaching.

and this (snippets from a long email conversation)

your natural talent for stimulating others through your stories
[I] connect with individuals around what it means for them to survive, be alive and thrive
mental capacity and capabilities are flexible and open.
A genius for stimulating expression

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