Story of my life. Today’s version for Sarah

Born in southern Illinois, 3rd of 4 children. Academic farming families (mother’s side in West Virginia). Grew up many places in southern Illinois and then western New York (Alfred University area). Undergrad SUNY College Buffalo. A few years in Taiwan and in DC, then PhD (botany) from Univ. Hawaii with research in mainland China (1985-6).

I’ve spent 30 years in science, focusing on benthic (attached) marine flora and fauna of the western Pacific. I’m in Taiwan. First came in 1977. I was a research SCUBA diver for many years. Left my university position about 4 years ago. For 15 years I’ve been editing/re-writing research papers, moving mostly to medical papers the last 3 years.
I was an assistant professor in marine biology here in Taiwan for 12 years. The last 3 years I was Special Assistant to the President in strategic process. That’s when I started doing facilitation work. As a facilitator I work with small and large business, non-profits and educational groups. In 2000 I set up a non-profit based in Hawaii for ecological exploration using digital technologies. It’s been quite quiet since I left the university. We arrange student fellowships for meetings and assist with small projects in Asia.

Actually much before my science paper editing I started working in publishing, assisting with Chinese-English reference books in the 70’s here and later desk-top publishing, formatting, report production. I’m a hot proofreader, if I do say so myself. Mistakes jump out to find me, I don’t have to find them. Many years ago when I was doing 2 years research work at the Smithsonian I supported myself with a part-time job at the Washington Post, eventually getting asked to apply for the post in charge of all the inserts in the paper. Quite cool, actually, in my opinion. I picked my PhD instead. I sometimes (like now) am amused imagining where that might have lead. So I have some experience in big companies from the inside, too.

Since taking a reiki class in 2000 as a sort of a lark, I’ve become a bodyworker, specializing in craniosacral work. My first certification process was at the Sacred Journey Institute in Chicago. I’m going through a 2nd process now (feels more like long-term) with the Milne Institute. Just now I’m wanting to cultivate more of a medical clientale.

This is another form of facilitation, but does not require conversation. It’s the same focus on BEing not DOing. Now I’m building my life around coaching and bodywork. I’m just finishing ICA now and will apply for the ICF certification soon. It’s been a relaxed and very enjoyable 2-year process.

I was a founder of one of the first facilitation companies in Taiwan, set up 4 years ago. I left a year ago. Now I’m in conversation with a small group of colleagues about how we might structure ourselves to be a collective offering coaching and facilitation. My British husband is a writer (screenplays, songs, now working on a musical). We own a house over the shoreline on the east coast, right beside the university I used to be at. I imagine our ocean air comes from Hawaii (where I’m a resident), accounting for the name of this blog. Hawaii is the first land in one direction. Paul and I live life on our own terms. I feel we are very fortunate to be in this position.

Oh, yes. I almost forgot till I was looking this over that I was a shrimp farmer twice in joint-venture companies in mainland China, once in the south, once in the north. There’s much more, and the story unfolds daily, but this is quite enough.

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