Fear of our Shaman Past

Why is it that as I work on deadline I suddenly stumble on all this super powerful videos and writings … no matter where I look I find something calling my attention. Something that’s never show up before and it’s perfect. Now its Northrup (Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom) on Shamanism.

And, why (on her web site, above) does she look much younger than on the back cover of her 1998 book? Actually she appears to be a different person in all ways. Why does her photo disturb me? She looks more “acceptable” on the web site (shivers of illease).

In the book she talks of how in dreams we (numerous people she’s worked with, heard from, and herself, also) dip into something from the past. Witches being publically burned (there were 9 million she says. Really?), being murdered.

“When a woman enters into the work of healing her body and speaking her truth, she must break through the collective field of fear and pain that is all around us …filled with the fear of rape, of beating, of abandonment.” (p 764)

She writes of morphogenic fields …

We tell all of it, not to change [what happened] but to break the years of silence.

Breaking the silence, releasing the secrets that keep us all trapped. They are saying, “No more!”

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