Gustavo-Dudamel on life. Special music, and magic.

This guy …. 27 years old. Conductor. Violinist since 4 years old. Conducted the NY Philharmonic recently. But here he is being interviewed, maybe in England, after rehearsal for a performance (perhaps this amazing one).

And … I love him. He captures it. Everyone’s special music.

[passionately, searching] When you have this thing free, this feeling … the freedom to play, to be … . it’s perfect.

[simple, resolving] You make special music.

on developing as human beings

“the music is magic. It’s impossible to see the music, you only feel the music. Ya know? It’s air, it’s energy.  And this make us a special sensibility, in the audience and also in the orchestra.  And I think, now, in our time, in our world, we need this.

We need sensibility.

He ends, laughing

“Thank you for my terrible English, but I’m learning.

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