What makes a good conductor?

from the same video as the last post Gustavo Dudamel – Proms 2007

Just watch him take that question. That moment. He’s taking it to his core. What a primal moment of intimacy … him with the question. Deep dialogue vs. table tennis cleverness.
I’ve not heard his answer yet. I’m so arrested by his BE-ing.

His answer:

more than a leader. …  You need to feel you are only a bridge between the composer and the orchestra. And you have to have humility, you know?

A further video to absorb his charm, charisma, energy: Mambo 2007

That’s all I have time for this morning. I have 2 hours to assemble and hand in some documents. A little pressure helps when I do what I least like to do. That and fresh images of what makes my soul soar (gotta write about the Northrup story [p. 760] of ritual and how we tap into something much bigger/deeper than our individual self.

“tapped into the collective unconscious, … gained access to some ancient memory that still lived in her cells. It was an extraordinary experience. I believe that by [a medical procedure] we were able to heal something deep, on a level that is available to all of us but that we rarely allow ourselves to touch.


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