Questions new clients ask

What do I value in a coaching relationship?

Open Space Technology guidelines. An atmosphere of profound respect for you, me, us (dialogue atmosphere).  Body awareness in the conversation (it has so much to say when we are listening to it). General readiness to be surprised.

My strengths as a coach

Light high energy. Presence and high respect. Can speak directly from strong intuition. I can give very specific kinds of feedback when asked to listen from that perspective.  Oh, and you’ll see I’m quite verbal. This may be handy at times.

What do I  love about coaching?

Being quietly attentive to what’s happening – to the quality of energy that is present in words or silence, like being attentive to the soul at work, like feeling a flower unfold.

I take real pleasure at being directed in a way that serves what you need and want. Ask for what you want: listening for “X”, particular types of feedback, mirroring of emotions or whatever, new perspectives, easy questions, difficult questions, bold request. etc. This is one area many people I’ve worked with have  delighted in. They say its rare.  We play plenty of games, but have an intention of high awareness. We keep them right on the table, catching those that seem to be slipping under the table.

I delight in the dialogue space we build together. I’m about being attentive to “what is” (which is rarely business-as-usual, or the unexamined story). I really honor my clients’ work on their own journey, and love being invited to witness and support its unfolding.

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