50 hits a day and I’ve not written for a year

Today for the second time in a week someone mentioned this blog to me, asking when I’d write more. Gosh! Long time. Over a year I now see. It’s a bit hard to type as the persian cat has decided this is the moment for her to make use of my fingers and specifically my knuckles for her facial massage. This may be a short message. I’ll just use this as a chance to contemplate what’s changed in a year.

First, I finished the ICA coaching program. It’s the 4th program I’ve been in, and the best I’d say for coaching. In the last year I’ve coached pretty much every week. Academic or research coaching is clearly what I do, even if it’s research one’s own life. Cutting through the story to the facts is pretty important there. Also I’ve got a strong somatic element and intuitive. I usually keep up one peer coach relationship, though that’s slipped recently, and in the last year I’ve done 2 coach series with ICA students as a give-back to the group. My 2 PhD student – coachees graduated and went off their respective ways, with the occassional phone session, and I’m finding that no matter what else I’m doing (mostly academic editing and facilitating) coaching has become a key part.

Cat’s keen on having my hands back, so that’s it for now.

Now, can I ask who the 50 people are who are coming here each day?


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